Our restaurant is excellent in every way, from the friendly service to the delicious food!

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    Why us:

    We serve on site fast foods, great selection of plat du jour and special orders.
    In addition, we cater your special events... We will work with you, and within any budget you might have for your special event.



    Why us:

    Our Vision

    We proudly serve the best grills in the business, plus a variety of real, authentic foods... All freshly prepared, just the way you want it.

    Our Values

    Integrity, Fairness, Diversity, Respect, Caring, Clear Accountabilities, Teamwork, High Standards, Commitment to Excellence, Celebrating our Success.

  • What's New?


    Check our new catering services at Soudit Catering, your catering team for all occasions!
    Soudit is a unique and special catering company. Soudit have evolved into a diverse and multifaceted catering company with personalized menus. We offer our clients Inspired Cuisine. Our team of professional cooks and creative culinary staff will ensure your vision is executed to perfection.
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      Kindly feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or special recommendation.
      Don't forget that we deliver your order to your home, office or anywhere else... All you need is to add us to your contact list:

    Sin el Fil, Mar Elias Str.
    Facing Ataya Pharmacy,
    Beiruth, Lebanon.


    Phone No : +961 (1) 482822
    Mobile No : +961 (3) 394694